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2016-10-17 06:44:21

The heart of every watch is of course the movement. Without it a time piece would just be a dead piece of steel.

That’s why we selected the best option on the market to ensure that all our watches runs precisely for a very long time.

All slim made watches you find in our SHOP are operated by a MIYOTA 9T33. (You find more info on this and all the other components on THE PRODUCT)

There are 3 main points that set this high quality movement apart from those use by many other slim watches:

  1. It’s thinner: The total height is only 1.9 millimetres. That allows not only to build a watch case that it only 7 millimetres thin, but also to create a shape that is unique amongst slim watches. The slim made case is much more smooth, rounded and curved compared to other thin time pieces. This does not only look fantastic but it also makes the watch more comfortable and ergonomic to wear. Further is allows us to use slightly thicker steel and glas to make the watch water resistant up to 50 meters.
  2. It operates a second hand: Have a look around and you will see that almost every thin watch has only 2 hands. That makes it look rather classy and old. We think the 3rd hand that indicates the seconds is so important as it ads the dynamism and live to watch. Otherwise you can’t even see that the watch is actually working!
  3. It’s entirely made of metal: Many flat watches are using movement with plastic parts in order to save cost. Of course plastic is by far not as durable as metal and hence the movements are much less reliable. Check out these 2 pics showing the full metal slim made movement vs. a standard slim movement with plastic parts:

Full metal movement used for slim made



Standard movement with plastic parts

We believe you’ll find our movement looking much more solid and stable that the plastic version;) That’s why slim made watches are so precise and reliable. Now you know it! 😉


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